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Every dog is warmly welcomed in the salon, regardless of his weight / size / breed. I treat each dog as my own. :-)

I understand both a Yorkshire terrier, who weighs 1 kg, and a 60-kilo Newfoundland dog.
The salon is professionally adapted to both small dogs and large and furry breeds. A common question for owners of large breeds is what / how I dry the dog. The answer is - a professional "non-burning" dryer with a silent motor. So you don't have to worry, you won't find a human "bathroom" hair dryer in my salon. :-D :-)

Novofundlandský pes

Dog salon Jessie Plzeň dog haircuts, trimming

I approach every dog empathetically, if he is afraid (puppy, first visit to the salon ..) the haircut may take longer
than usual .. I try to calm the dog down during the haircut and get him to understand that he has nothing to fear. So I'll cuddle with my dog, bury me, play with him and goodies won't miss him either.

I look forward to your visit with either a chihuahua or a Bernardine! ♡♡♡

Nikol  Dog Salon Jessie, Přemyslova 137/25, Pilsen, Czech

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